Wigs & Hairpiece Services

Here at Utopia Salon, we sell collection wigs made with a long tradition of high-quality manufacturing and skilled workmanship. Our clients should expect an exceptional product at a reasonable price. We offer wigs that are designed for and cater to a variety of individual needs and preferences. We carry wigs with all monofilament cap construction, which provides the most comfortable fit for clients.

The monofilament top is hand-tied on and is made with see-through mash which allows the scalp to be seen as it would appear naturally. This natural-looking front doesn’t show wefting which may be seen on machine-made wigs. No matter what your skin color is- these wigs will give the front and top of the scalp a perfectly natural appearance.

Why choose your wig from Utopia Salon?

Utopia is a licensed certified retailer and carries a variety of wig lines including but not limited to the Dream USA wig series and the Aspen Series.

Here at Utopia, we’re committed to finding the perfect quality product that meets the clients needs at a price one can afford.

We carry a variety of selections in color, quality, length and price where no other company can compare. Our collections provide natural appearance; and because we carry a large variety of style, we can accommodate everyone from chemotherapy patients to our most fashion-conscious clients.

Although new styles are developed frequently, old styles can be ordered anytime. Any style purchased before is always available in the future and is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Styles pictured here at just a sample of available wigs.

Please contact Utopia Salon at 541-687-9097 if you have a particular style in mind, would like to try on a wig, or perhaps view a catalog.

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