L'Oreal Serie Expert

L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert series is a range of products which target three zones of your hair The surface and external part of the hair fiber

Each product works to improve the surface of the hair for a more uniform soft and shiny appearance.

The Cuticle :L’Oreal Professionnel’s patented BIO-METRIC CERAMIDE gets to work to rebuild the cuticle so that it regains its internal cohension. The net result is stronger more resistant hair.

The Cortex :The Serie Expert range of products strengthens the internal structure of the hair. Simply apply the correct product to repair your hair’s quality, color and style.

Serie Expert In-Salon conditioning and hair repair treatments are available. Contact a Salon Representative to set up an appointment.

Serie Expert Shine Curl Product Line

Shine Curl by L’oreal Serie Expert is a complete salon system for definition, condition, and shine of curly hair with Nutripulse Technology. Grapeseed Extract provides deep nourishment for the hair fiber. A unique haircare range specifically formulated for curly hair, to give stunning curls with definition and bounce. These products also work beautifully on wavy or frizzy hair. Hair is detangled, soft and shiny with light defined curls.

Serie Expert Solar Sublime Product Line

Solar Sublime by L’oreal Serie Expert is an advanced sun protection haircare collection for protected, softer, and healthier-looking hair before, during, and after sun exposure. This UV-Protect Haircare technology in L’oreal Solar Sublime provides UV protection for all three zones of the hair.

Serie Expert Volume Extreme Product Line

Volume Extreme by L’oreal Serie Expert is a complete salon system to volumize, strengthen, and lift fine, weak hair with Nutritex Technology. Volume Extreme boosts the volume, softness and shine of delicate, fine hair. Activated wheat proteins restore and smooth damaged hair structure, while adding body, volume, and texture. Bio-Mimetic Ceramide replenishes lost ceramides and seals in the cuticle.

Serie Expert In-Salon Treatments

Serie Expert’s exclusive in-salon treatments provide customized, prescriptive solutions with comprehensive haircare and scalp care ranges. Professional concentrations of dedicated technologies for everyone’s unique haircare needs provide complete renewal for instantaneously fortified, conditioned, radiant hair.

Serie Expert Absolute Repair Treatments

Especially formulated to repair and restore very damaged hair, the absolut repair haircare product range nourishes and smoothes dry hair, leaving hair soft and resistant to hair breakage. Alpha hydroxy acids help to provide deep purification at the cuticle to replenish lipids at the cortex.

Serie Expert Serie Nature Products

Infused with naturally derived ingredients, Loreal Serie Nature represents a new focus and commitment on the part of Loreal Professional to provide the best possible hair care products while also minimizing their negative impacts on the environment.

Serie Expert Force Vector Product Line

L’oreal Serie Expert Force Vector provides reinforcing care for weak, brittle hair. Brittle hair that breaks easily is a common problem. Heat styling can weaken it. Friction and tugging from brushing and styling can make it fragile. With Serie Expert Force Vector, no problem is left unanswered. Their reinforcing care range delivers outstanding, targeted technology and it fortifies weak hair while increasing it’s suppleness.

Serie Expert Age Densiforce Product Line

Age Densiforce by L’oreal Professionnel Serie Expert replenishes the hair’s density to help combat aging effects. This complete salon system helps redensify, strengthen, and protect hair that has been weakened by the passage of time.

Serie Expert Intense Product Line

Intense Repair by L’oreal Serie Expert is a complete salon system to hydrate and nourish dry hair with Cuti Liss Technology. The Intense Repair haircare regime from série expert, deeply nourishes dry and very dry hair, making it soft and easy to style. Activated wheat proteins restore and smooth damaged hair structure, while adding body, volume, and texture.

Serie Expert Liss Ultime Product Line

Liss Ultime By L’oreal Serie Expert is a 4 step system to ultimate smoothing. A complete salon system to smooth and nourish unmanageable, frizzy hair. The Oil Incell Technology, featuring Argan Oil and Olive Oil, nourishes and restores discipline to unmanageable, frizzy hair. The Polymer AR Technology includes a shielding polymer that provides humidity protection.

Serie Expert Liss Extreme Product Line

Liss Extreme by L’Oreal Serie Expert is a complete salon system to tame and smooth frizzy, rebellious hair with Cera Liss Technology. Liss Extreme products moisturizes and smoothes uncontrollable, frizzy hair, to leave the hair supple and shiny. Amino-essence complex restores and improves hair’s essential cosmetic qualities to return softness, suppleness, and shine.

Serie Expert Lumino Contrast Product Line

Lumino Contrast by L’oreal Serie Expert is a complete salon system to brighten, repair, and enhance multi-dimensional blonde and highlighted hair with Nutriceride and Cationic Treatment Polymers. Lumino Contrast products target the most sensitized highlighted areas of the hair and helps maintain the hair’s natural condition without weighing it down.

Serie Expert Sensi Balance Scalp Product Line

Sensi Balance Scalp Care by L’oreal Serie Expert is a complete salon system to renew and return the scalp to its equilibrium with Sorbitwin and Lipidine Technologies. Sorbitwin moisturizes, diminishes, and eliminates scalp discomfort and dryness. Lipidine deeply cleanses scalp and removes scalp residues and excess sebum.

Serie Expert Vitamino Color Product Line

Vitamino Color by L’oreal Serie Expert is a complete salon system that repels water and safeguards color with Hydro-Resist Technology, Incell and AHA. Vitamino Color is specifically formulated for colored hair to maintain fantastic, long-lasting color results. New advanced Hydro-Resist Technology locks color in and seals water out.